About us


Construction works of wooden houses have been provided since the late 1990s in "Saliņas" Ledmane village. Originally, it all started with log-house construction works. In the course of time, "Domus Eco" was established in 2013 and specializes in wooden frame house building.

There are not only dwelling houses, saunas and other types of buildings in different places of Latvia, but also in France and Denmark.


"Domus ECO" is a team of craftsmen qualified as carpenters and woodworkers. They are loyal employees working in the company since the first day. The craftsmen are professionals at building different types of wooden houses and carrying out indoor works. The craftsmen are sociable and willing to share their ideas and knowledge.


Modern house is an energy efficient house that serves people, not vice versa. "Domus ECO" prefers wood as a principal material for construction and design solutions, because it is a unique and common building material that provides safety and coziness for everyone living in a house.

What makes "Domus ECO" houses special with their coziness, energy efficiency and extraordinary constructive solutions, is the combination of implementing ancestors` knowledge and technological solutions of our century.

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