• Projects are specially adapted for specific needs of each family and requirements of surroundings.
  • These types of projects can satisfy the most demanding needs.


  • Projects are specially made to reduce costs for 1 m2 and construction time.
  • It is possible to observe ready-made houses and projects to evaluate their coziness and amenities.
  • These projects are suitable for most people.
  • Various indoor and outdoor setting solutions are possible.


  • Renovation is an opportunity to preserve historic shape while  still obtaining a modern function. However, one must be aware that the costs of renovation are higher than of building a new house.
  • Requirements of energy efficiency and comfort can be obtained during the renovation process.


  • The process of designing is usually led from the craftsmen`s point of view. This is a focus on technically wise and rational solutions.
  • Ecologically sustainable and responsible solutions are the preferences.
  • Documentation according to legislation.

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